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Zygote body


3D anatomy viewer

For: Students, Teachers

Type of Resource : Resources

Grade Band: Grades 9-12

Topic(s): Human Anatomy

Subject(s): Science

“Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Gets a Cold / Mom Tiger is Sick" (FULL EPISODE)


For ages 2-8.PBS KIDS’ offers activities, videos, over 200 games, favorite characters, and tips you can use to help kids play and learn at home.

For: Students, Teachers, Everyone, Parents

Type of Resource : Course Material/Activities

Grade Band: Pre-K-2, Grades 3-5

“Who Knew? Alabama ranks first in biodiversity. How did that happen?”


AMSTI-recommended article in the categories of Environmental Science Learning Resources and Earth and Human Activity.

For: Teachers

Type of Resource : Course Material/Activities, AMSTI Curated

Grade Band: Grades 9-12

Topic(s): Earth Science

Subject(s): Science