We’re all in this together. At Carnegie Learning, we want to support both you and your students while schools are closing to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s why we are providing you with a free blend of textbook and software resources and support to help you facilitate at-home learning for your math class.

Our math offerings can be found at our Long+Live+Math at Home page that includes

  • FREE access to MATHia
  • On-Demand Learning Library with pre-recorded student facing videos
  • Access to PDF versions of math activities and skills practice.
  • Community of Support
    • Coach on Call Services - A math coach is available from 8am - 6pm EDT ([email protected])
    • Daily, Live Webinars - Our team will be hosting Getting Started webinars daily to answer your questions and help you make the most of these free resources.

For World Languages we are also offering iCulture, our unique cultural immersion resource for Spanish, French and German, free through the end of this school year. iCulture offers travel videos, day in the life videos, current news articles and songs that are all 100% target language, age and school appropriate, and include topics of interest to teens and young adults. Follow-up activities and resources enhance instruction along the way. Teachers will also have access to all of the archives of materials published since 2009, plus consistently updated resources.

Get iCulture Free

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