Friday, August 07, 2020


What is EBSCOed?

EBSCOed has been contracted by the State Department of Education to provide a single repository for all State-approved learning resources, including but not limited to:

  • Alabama Virtual Library Resources,
  • Approved Remote Learning Resources,
  • Licensed Digital Instructional Materials and
  • Professional Development Resources

The EBSCOed team will work with publishers on behalf of the state to provide improved access to existing and new digital textbook licenses and to provide optimal interoperability with Schoology in support of both in-classroom and remote learning. EBSCOed will integrate with the following existing services in Phase 1 of Implementation to provide seamless access to all your State-approved resources:

  • Alabama Virtual Library Services
  • Publishers Warehouse Purchasing Services
  • Schoology Learning Management System

In the first phase of implementation, EBSCOed will primarily focus on personalized access for Teachers and Students. Interoperability with State and District systems & materials will continue to evolve over the course of the subscription, as will the Parent and District experiences. Regular communications will be shared with Districts about new features available as the implementation progresses and an opt-in option will be provided for educators to subscribe to updates. You can visit now to access Alabama Virtual Library Resources and State-approved Remote Learning Resources.

How will I know when implementation is complete?

EBSCOed implementation will be an ongoing process into the fall. Content, features & capabilities will be released as they are implemented and ready for use. We will send out regular updates and instructions for use as new functionality becomes available.

What EBSCOed Services are ready to use now? already has many State-approved Remote Learning & Library Resources integrated. You can access these now by visiting

Phase 1 Implementation Plan:

Step 1: Implement Licensed Digital Instructional Materials (Textbooks)

• Per digital purchases through Publishers’ Warehouse

Step 2: Implement Schoology Authentication (SSO) Support

• To enable seamless access from Schoology into EBSCOed

• Once implemented, utilizing EBSCOed within Schoology will provide individual users personalized access to all materials available in EBSCOed (per licenses where applicable)

• New resources will be added as the implementation proceeds and purchases are made

Step 3: Implement Schoology Authentication Integration

• To enable users to start their personalized online journey in EBSCOed using Schoology credentials

• Once implemented, Students & Teachers will have a personalized EBSCOed My Account which will hold a user’s Subscribed Digital Instructional Materials, Personal Saved Searches, Personal Saved Lists of Resources, Personal Preferences and more.

Step 4: Implement Schoology Resource App

  • To support in-app access to Licensed Digital Instructional Materials, Library Resources and Remote Learning Resources within your Schoology Courses and more.
  • The EBSCOed Resource App will allow you to:
  • Access all of your EBSCOed content from your Schoology Resources
  • Import your EBSCOed content to Courses and Groups
  • Attach your EBSCOed content to Updates, Discussions, Assignments
  • Embed your EBSCOed content directly into Assignments, Test/Quiz questions, and Pages

Do I have to contact my textbook vendor?

• No. The EBSCOed Team will contact them on your behalf to coordinate access.

Do I have to have a digital textbook license already?

• Yes. Access will be provided based on existing licenses as well as new purchases.

Who do I contact if I have questions about EBSCOed?

• Information will be sent out next week regarding project communications. The Implementation Team will guide you every step of the way.

How will EBSCOed benefit my teaching and learning experience?

  • EBSCOed provides a single repository to all your Stateapproved resources with a single login, which uses SSO from Schoology, making access easier than ever for Students and Teachers.
  • No more publisher sites or license activation/access procedures - access to Subscribed Digital Instructional Materials activated as part of Publishers’ Warehouse purchase procedures.
  • No need for 50+ publisher-specific integrations in Schoology. EBSCOed makes it easy to include resources in your Schoology Courses using a single App.
  • EBSCOed provides integrated digital access to more file types with our Resource App than any Publisher can provide in Schoology directly.
  • EBSCOed will continue to evolve over the life of the subscription to include more state-approved resources and tools.
  • Users can search all state-approved resources simultaneously in a single interface including licensed instructional materials, subscribed library content, remote learning resources and more.