Why a PowerSchool plugin?

The PowerSchool rostering service exports data in the OneRoster standard, which can then be processed by LMS platforms like ClassLink, Clever, and Schoology. However, not all LMS platforms support all forms of OneRoster data. To overcome this challenge, we have developed a plugin that can pull data directly from your PowerSchool instance.

Sample scenario

The mClass evaluation tool requires a complete set of data to be made available from the PowerSchool roster, including some data that is not automatically available through LMS platforms. Districts wishing to incorporate the mClass assessment into their EBSCOed experience will need to add the EBSCO plugin to their PowerSchool instance.

Additional information relating to using PowerSchool in Alabama may be found on the PowerSchool support website


The district's PowerSchool instance must have State Reporting installed with at least version (released May 3, 2022). The most recent version of State Reporting may be found in the PowerSchool Support community PowerSchool 20.x or Greater State and Provincial Reporting Installer section.

You will also need to download a copy of the EBSCO plugin for PowerSchool.

Uploading the plugin file

Make sure you have downloaded the EBSCO PowerSchool plugin file.

Log in to the admin interface of your PowerSchool instance.

From the left-hand menu scroll down to "Setup" and select "System".

Scroll down to "Server" and select "System Settings"

Select “Plugin Management Dashboard”

Click the “Install” button

Click “Browse” under “Plugin Installation File” and upload the EBSCO plugin

Return to the Plugin Management Dashboard, you will be asked to confirm registration of the plugin. Click "Register".

Enabling the plugin

Enable the plugin by clicking the "Enable/Disable" button next to the plugin listed in the dashboard. You will be asked to confirm the enable request. Click "Enable" in the bottom right.

You will receive a notice confirming that you have enabled the plugin. If you encounter an error, please contact [email protected].

Locating your credentials

In order to sync your PowerSchool instance to your EBSCOed instance, we will need the Client ID and secret unique to your PowerSchool instance. Find this by clicking on the EBSCO plugin from the list in your Plugin Management Dashboard.


Click on “Data Provider Configuration” at the bottom of the page under “Function”

Under OAuth Credentials, make note of the Client ID and Client Secret. Reminder: this is unique to your PowerSchool instance and should not be made publicly accessible.

Securely transmitting your credentials

When you are ready to sync with EBSCOed, please contact [email protected] for further directions. You will be instructed in how to securely transmit your credentials to EBSCOed and notified when the process is complete.