What is EBSCOed?

EBSCOed enables students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents to access educational content anytime, anywhere from a user-friendly interface.


How is EBSCOed beneficial?

District admins and technology coordinators can save 3-6 meetings and countless emails with each publisher onboarding new adoption materials through EBSCOed.  The old "one publisher connection at a time" model is not sustainable by current technology coordinator staffing levels as digital selections continue to grow in popularity and necessity.  Not only does EBSCOed reduce the publisher-by-publisher interaction during onboarding, EBSCOed maintains a single roster for the district allowing for one roster to rule them all - this makes maintenance much less cumbersome and more consistent between publishers and gives coordinators a single point of contact for all publisher-provided materials.  And now, with EBSCOed's PowerSchool partnership, the EBSCOed team can even provide much-needed support to districts when updates to the PowerSchool roster are required.




What resources are included in My Account on the EBSCOed website?

Currently, only state-approved texts purchased by the school district will show within the My Account page.


Do I have to upload the resources purchased by my district to my account on the EBSCOed platform?

No, EBSCOed automatically links the resources purchased by a school district to the correlated grade level of the text and populates it within the My Account feature.


Accessing EBSCOed:

How do I log in to EBSCOed?

How do I search within EBSCOed?

How do I access my account in EBSCOed?


How does EBSCOed help Teachers?


Teachers save valuable instructional time by reducing the friction to access various digital materials themselves and for all their students inside or outside the classroom. With a single login of the district’s choice, teachers and students can search and access all newly adopted materials, library & supplemental resources in one place: EBSCOed. What’s even more critical is Teachers and Students can access materials from within their LMS using a single EBSCOed App. No more needing to know who published your textbook to find it from within Schoology (and need to have an app installed in Schoology for every publisher). Students and Teachers are automatically assigned personal digital licenses for adopted materials at the time of purchase from Publishers' Warehouse. Add to that the ability for teachers to send all types of resources from EBSCOed directly into Google Classroom or Schoology Courses and you’ve got a recipe for efficiency. Teacher supplemental materials from publishers are often not available in publisher-specific applications in Schoology, but EBSCOed works hard to ensure those materials are integrated as well, affirming our position as the best-of-breed Schoology integration for library and digital textbook materials. 



Teacher Access


Accessing via Schoology

Accessing via Clever

Download the EBSCOed app in Clever, launch the app and share roster data

Accessing via ClassLink

How does EBSCOed help Students?


Students save time and effort discovering and accessing resources with our aggregate experience. Nowhere else can students discover, access, save and organize all their classroom and pleasure materials - think of EBSCOed as the locker of modern times holding a student's digital textbooks, digital library materials (pleasure learning is a critical part of the physical school experience), and supplemental resources like teacher-created worksheets and approved online resources, etc. 



Student Access


Accessing via Schoology

Accessing via Clever

Download the EBSCOed app and save it to your Clever dashboard.  Access EBSCOed using the app.

Accessing via ClassLink

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